Emelle Sonh, M.A.

The ELDER Project


Ever notice how easily kids become engrossed in an art project, or how they move with sheer expressive delight? Do you think this creativity is just for kids or geniuses like Picasso? We know all humans are wired with enormous creative capacity which we never lose. But we need opportunities like The ELDER Project to nurture this capacity. In studies, older adults who joined artists in the creative process improved their health and wellness.

Art is good for you!

The ELDER Project is a holistic evidence-based model for health and wellness, lifelong learning and community building. Five modules to explore the experience of aging and the meaning of literal and metaphoric (belonging) place are tailored for each project to make opportunities for creative expression and expanded conversations available:

E xercise - to prime the mind and body for creative process
L istening - to life experience and ourselves as story - to develop themes
D ance-movement - to express themes with our em-bodied selves
E xpress in art - to express discovered themes in a variety of visual art forms
R elax and Reflect - on a sense of place - to renew the creative cycle

Aging Takes Place was started as a grant funded partnership project with Intersection for the Arts, SF Arts Commission, SF Senior Centers to develop materials to address ageism, experience of aging and meaning of our places of belonging. Creative methods and materials from the project have proven valuable in various community settings.

Ask about materials and projects to have them tailored for you.

How to Donate Now to The Elder Project

Contact Emelle at info@emelleart.com. for opportunities to donate to The ELDER Project. Help create new materials for navigating our changing places.

The ELDER Project Advisory Council includes artists, gerontologists, accountants, social workers, researchers, academics, nurses, attorneys and designers who provide valuable expertise to the project.

Thank you!
Emelle Sonh, Project Director
Creative Aging Specialist